May 6, 2019

 Well, maybe not quite the kind of strip you might think I have in mind but-

I have had several new guests in the salon lately.

Lovely people whom I have been pleased to serve.

And I'm noticing something that I have not previously seen a lot in this area.

About half of my...

April 1, 2019

Do you get your hair toned after a bleach highlight?

Given that it is more time and more money, there is a definite temptation to skip it-

But toning is a critical step in any bleaching service. 

Not for nothing, we call it a double process color.

You see, toning hair afte...

March 9, 2019

I've been thinking a lot lately about why my work feels so important to me.

It can't just be about catering to people's vanity.

That would never really appeal to me.

I need for my work to make an important contribution somehow.

So I keep thinking about what I want to...

February 11, 2019

I want to talk about Frost.

Not the thin layer of ice that coats everything on a cold morning in late fall or at anytime during a typical New York winter.

Not Jack Frost.

Just Frost. 

Frost is an amazing conditioning treatment from Jack Winn Pro and now available at 1033 M...

December 7, 2018

When I was a young stylist in training, I developed a fear of bleach. 

Not an unreasonable idea when you consider how powerful and potentially damaging bleach can be if not used with care.

I would even dissuade clients who wanted highlights. 

Then, a few years ago, I was...

October 5, 2018

In short, yes!

Especially if you are one to wake up with a knotty mess of hair.

I had heard the old lore through the years.:

Sleeping on a satin or silk pillow case can keep your hair from tangling as you toss and turn through the night.

But I didn't think it could make Th...

September 4, 2018

In 3 days' time, 1033 Main Salon & Boutique will be celebrating another year in Mumford! 

As ever, I am so deeply thankful for the support and many kindnesses I have received from my guests through the last 8 years and for the opportunities I have had to be of serv...

June 25, 2018

One thing I've noticed in my years as a stylist is that many people want to just sit down, get their hair done and get out of there!  

Especially noticeable with men.

Especially when I start asking questions.

I don't know, they say (and you know people don't like to...

April 30, 2018

The ads make it look soooo easy!

Mix these two bottles together and plop it on your head and


You'll have gorgeous, glossy, glamorous hair!

In the privacy and convenience of your own bath room.

Or kitchen.

And it's a lot less expensive too!

Sounds great! Sign me up!

But t...

January 19, 2018

A little while ago, while conversing with a client, I was asked what might prompt me to decline a customer's request for service.

 You see, we were talking about marketing and how I've come to realize that I don't really want absolutely everyone in my chair. Rather, my...

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