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Bleach and -What?!

Do you get your hair toned after a bleach highlight?

Given that it is more time and more money, there is a definite temptation to skip it-

But toning is a critical step in any bleaching service.

Not for nothing, we call it a double process color.

You see, toning hair after bleach serves multiple purposes.

Most commonly, we associate use of a toner with adjusting the tone of your color.

Toning is, indeed, an opportunity to adjust the color of the final result

Tone too warm? Brassy? Too cool and Ashy?

A well chosen toner will adjust that for you.

But there's more!

There's always more!

The bleaching service, whether highlights or global lightening, opens the the hair aggressively and doesn't of itself close the hair back down at all. It leaves the hair shaft open and the structure very vulnerable.

Imagine a pine cone.

A baby pine cone has its scales closed down against itself, like the cuticle layers of the hairshaft.

Now, imagine that pine cone has matured and the scales/seeds of the cone are opened out.

That cone, like your hair, is much easier to break.

When your hair is opened up, it becomes less elastic, more fragile.

It also lets in any impurities that come along, like any minerals in your water that can now enter the hair shaft and build up to weigh it down and make it fragile -not to mention how minerals in the water can cause unsavory color changes...

Another issue with un-toned, open cuticle hair is that it does not reflect light as well.

Your hair reflects light when the translucent scales of the cuticle layers are closed down.

When your hair is opened out, it tends to look dull, matte, and rough.

Think of it.

Beautiful hair is shiny and flexible.

Beautiful hair is healthy.

Healthy hair has a closed cuticle layer.

Ok, Marci.

What is a toner?

A toner is a glaze, used after bleaching services, that is applied to adjust the tone of the hair and, more importantly, to protect your hair.

It fills in the open cuticle, restoring much of the tensile strength of the hair and smoothing out the texture..

But, Marci, I like the color of my hair after my bleaching service. The tone doesn't need to be adjusted. I like the idea of the other benefits but I don't want to change the color!

I got you on this too!

A clear glaze will serve the function of filling in the cuticle for strength and reflecting light for beauty without adjusting the color you love!

Definitely give it a try whether you are using bleach for highlights or

all over color services.

Your hair will thank you!

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