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What's with all the Questions?!?!

One thing I've noticed in my years as a stylist is that many people want to just sit down, get their hair done and get out of there!

Especially noticeable with men.

Especially when I start asking questions.

I don't know, they say (and you know people don't like to admit that!).

I don't care, they say (and you know I'm not believing that!).

Do whatever you want, they say (which only leads me to ask more questions).

I know some of my questions may seem unrelated to your hair too.

But the better I understand your habits and lifestyle, the more detail I can learn about you, the better I am able to please you.

And that is my end goal.

If you come in with a picture of a celbrity or the latest trending cut, color, or style,

I really have to ask questions to determine whether you are really going to be satisfied with your investment of time and money, whether you are going to maintain this look or will be needing a plan in place to transition out of that look once the novelty has worn off.

Are you going to spend time styling it in the morning or are you thinking I can magically get you a tumble out of bed, wash and wear style that calls for less effort than went into making a model look like what you see in the picture?

I'm going to want to know what it is really that you like about that look.

Maybe you are better served if I incorporate those aspects of the image into a look more customized for your needs.

Sometimes, we also discover that you don't really want that hair after all but you want to look like the model!

Cover up the model's face and ask yourself whether you still like the hair and whether it really works for your budget and lifestyle.

That will give you some idea of what I'm trying to determine via my many questions.

So please be patient with me. I'm learning.

About you and what you really need from me.

And that's a good thing!

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