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A Sense of Purpose!

I've been thinking a lot lately about why my work feels so important to me.

It can't just be about catering to people's vanity.

That would never really appeal to me.

I need for my work to make an important contribution somehow.

So I keep thinking about what I want to bring to the people who sit in my chair.

The way I want to connect with my guests.

The way I want my guests to feel when they connect with me.

And with 1033 Main.

And then last night I met a woman.

She had an item for sale on facebook -just what I needed at an amazing price!

So my husband and I drove to her home to pick it up.

Her home was in some disarray -not the mess of someone who doesn't keep house. It was the disarray of someone who is rearranging things and doing some redecorating.

Honestly, I wouldn't have paid any attention to it but she kept apologizing and explaining and I could tell she was very uncomfortable about the condition of her otherwise lovely home.

Afraid of a stranger's judgement of her self as reflected in her housekeeping.

She reminded me of my mother, rest her soul.

A woman who spent her short life apologizing and explaining herself over the smallest things. Asking someone for directions, for example.

Mom was a humble soul who hated to trouble anyone and the price of this was all kinds of mea culpa when she ever needed the least bit of help or understanding.

It's one of things that breaks my heart when I think of her.

And last night, I saw it in someone else.

So I said, You don't owe me any explanations about your home.

And this morning, I connected the dots.

I'm still connecting them as I write and hoping that I'm not just rambling because I really want you to get what I'm offering.

There's not a lot that makes me think less of a person.

Most people are doing the best we know how with what we have and where we are in life.

Sometimes that is a great struggle.

Sometimes we need a little help feeling good about that.

So, while the beauty industry can seem vapid and superficial, I believe it also can be used as an empowering, uplifting tool of encouragement.

A way to feel stronger as you face the world.

A way to show your best self, even if it's only to your more fragile self as you look in the mirror.

I've been privileged to see it many times.

It touches me deeply every time.

And while the beauty and glamour end of it is fun too,

Creating a space for you to see yourself at your best is why I'm here, doing what I do.

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