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Giving You The Treatment?

Conditioning treatment, that is!

If you've been coming into the salon, chances are pretty good that you have at least heard me talking about the value of regular conditioning treatments.

You might even have received a complimentary treatment as part of my guest appreciation program!

These treatments and masks are something that I learned about in beauty school but had somehow forgotten along the way.

I was dazzled by all I had yet to learn once I came out of school and into the world of advanced color, cutting, and design.

Sometimes there's just so much to learn that we forget the basics!

But, last Fall, I was re-introduced to my old forgotten friend.

I was so pleased by my re-discovery that I spent a month offering them to my clients at no charge to thank them for supporting my business and to share the joy!

Since that time, several people have added a conditioning treatment to their regular appointments and the benefits have been tremendous!

"Okay, Marci. You're pretty excited about this but what Are the benefits of regular deep conditioning?"

I've been waiting for you to ask!

Let's talk about conditioning in general. What's it for?

Hair needs moisture and it needs protein.

When hair lacks protein, it is brittle, fragile and the outer layers of a strand will be pitted.

In Plain language, It will tend to split, break, and tangle

That's no fun.

Probably not how you want it to look either.

When hair lacks moisture, it is -again- brittle but also dull and inflexible.

Conditioners are formulated to help with all of the above.

Some conditioners focus on moisturizing the hair. Some focus on delivering proteins to strengthen and repair. Some do both.

A word about protein treatments: If you're savvy, you may have heard that too much protein can also leave the hair brittle and prone to breakage. That's true. Or rather it used to be a greater concern than it is with contemporary products and formulations.

Hair products used to be formulated with animal proteins that could overly keratinize the hair, leading to brittleness.

These days, manufacturers are using plant based proteins, such as quinoa.

Shameless plug here: The 1033 Main line of products feature quinoa to build and strengthen your hair as well as to transport other ingredients into the hair shaft.

Sorry about the aside.

The important point to take away is that plant proteins do not build up in and on the hair as animal proteins do. So we've progressed past the need to worry about getting enough but not too much.

Back to Conditioning Treatments.

Deep conditioning masks and treatments are made with ingredients that are designed to bring the moisture and/or the protein that your hair needs and to be left on for a period of time that will allow the product to penetrate the outer, cuticle layers that protect the core of each strand from environmental damage. This can also be helped along by the application of heat to open the cuticle.

So what results can you expect from these treatments?

First, let me say that I and my clients are seeing that the effects are cumulative.

The more consistently you treat your hair, the more effective your treatments are.

Makes sense tho'.

If you eat healthfully one meal a year, the health benefits will be quite limited compared to what you would experience eating healthfully 80% of the time through the years.

Conditioning treatments work the same way.

Condition your hair once or twice a year and it will be delightful for a brief period of time before returning to what it was.

Condition monthly or bi-monthly and you are not only maintaining the moisture and protein balance of your hair but building on it. Hair in healthy condition will withstand environmental damage (think of your heat styling, summer sun, winter's cold and then some) more easily than hair that is already suffering.

That said-

Hair that is well conditioned is softer, more supple, and strong.

It behaves better. It holds a style longer and more easily.

It resists the urge to frizz up in humidity.

It reflects more light, giving off a healthy shine.

And if you have been going grey, struggling to understand what to do with that coarse, wiry, very ill-behaved hair that's coming in, conditioning treatments can be your salvation!

1033 Main Salon & Boutique offers a range of treatments to best meet your needs and budget.

Don't have an extra 20 minutes to sit under a dryer?

No problem! I can shampoo you and put the treatment on to process while you have your haircut. Rinse, dry, style -it's multi-tasking at its best!

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