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A Word of Thanks!

In 3 days' time, 1033 Main Salon & Boutique will be celebrating another year in Mumford!

As ever, I am so deeply thankful for the support and many kindnesses I have received from my guests through the last 8 years and for the opportunities I have had to be of service here.

I love my career but I wouldn't be able to have that joy without clients. It's symbiotic!

And this week, as the outside of the building receives some much needed tlc, I can especially appreciate the forbearance of my neighbors, who have graciously and uncomplainingly let us use their driveway and tolerated all the noise of construction. It has been an inconvenience and I am very aware of their support in the matter.

I love that the shop's anniversary comes this time of year. It starts my holiday season with some deeply personal appreciation. While the holidays are also an expression of our gratitude for the many blessings of the year, this is for me a quiet moment of solitude to reflect on the blessings of my time in Mumford.

For which I thank you.

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