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Can a Pillow Case Really Make a Difference in the World?

In short, yes!

Especially if you are one to wake up with a knotty mess of hair.

I had heard the old lore through the years.:

Sleeping on a satin or silk pillow case can keep your hair from tangling as you toss and turn through the night.

But I didn't think it could make That much of a difference.

Then I acquired a wonderful set of microfiber bedding, including microfiber pillow cases.

And they tore up my hair!

Not only did I wake up with a rat's nest on my head every morning, but my hair was drier and much less pleasant to the touch.

It had lost it's shine.

The only thing that had changed was the pillow covers.

This was a perfect time to experiment.

So I did get a satin case for my pillow and things turned around very quickly!

No more knots in my morning hair.

The shine came back quickly.

And an added bonus:

No more creases on my face in the morning!

And that will mean fewer lines on my face in years to come.

How does it work this mysterious magic?!?!

Easy. And so simple.

The smooth surface lets your hair (and skin) slide with little friction as you move in your sleep. Other fabrics offer more resistance, therefore friction, and pull on your hair (and skin).

Slide your hand across your pillow tonight and feel the fabric.

Now, slide your hand across some silk or satin and notice how much smoother and easier it is to glide along.

Less tangling. No creases. Frizz reduction.

Nothing not to love about that!

But how does this change the world?

What mood are you in when you waken and all you see staring back at you from the mirror is a creased up face and tangled hair?

And, O the Joy of combing that hair out!

You take that mood into your day and it colors your interactions.

What mood could you be taking into your day when you waken and look in the mirror, only to think -Hey! Good Looking!

It will at least change your experience in the world.

We all know a good mood is contagious.

And who knows what good works and wonders you can do with that extra few minutes in the morning, now that you won't have to untangle your hair?!

I'm a total convert.

I still love my flannel and microfiber bedding for cozy winter sleeping.

Cooling cotton in summer.

But no matter the season, my pillow is covered in satin or silk.

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