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The Strip and You!

Well, maybe not quite the kind of strip you might think I have in mind but-

I have had several new guests in the salon lately.

Lovely people whom I have been pleased to serve.

And I'm noticing something that I have not previously seen a lot in this area.

About half of my new guests have mineral build up on their hair from their water.

This tends to happen with people who are on well water or other sources that use the natural aquifers.

You often can tell by the texture of the hair.

It feels dry.

It feels coated.

I became familiar with it when I worked in a small town in Virginia some years ago.

And there are some definite drawbacks to this build up on your hair.

It tends to weigh hair down.

It does Not feel good to touch and tangles quite easily.

In fact, it feels dry and brittle.

It leaves hair with a dull, matte finish and can even change the color of the hair.

Speaking of color, mineral build up can cause chemical services, such as perms or color services, to come out with unpredictable and uneven final results. \

Bleaching services can go horribly wrong as bleach reacts with the minerals.

It's generally yucky for your hair.

Most people are resigned to it, not realizing there is anything to be done.


This build up, often of iron and/or sulfur in the hair can be removed.

I offer chelating treatments that will strip the minerals and metals from the hair .

And once that's done, you can maintain your service with weekly use of a clarifying shampoo (always to be followed with a good conditioner!) at home.

Once your hair is free of the build up, you should notice better texture, more even color and better volume to your hair as well!

Oh Happy Day!!!

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