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Chair Hopping -Yay or Nay?

Convenience, price, maybe you just feel like you need to try something different.

It can happen for a lot of reasons.

You find yourself going from one salon to another rather than having a salon and a stylist whom you see on the regular.

A chair hopper.

But is it wise?

It might not be a problem if you are a guest who just wants something basic, like a quick blow out or a last minute trim.

But even then, you might benefit from having a regular stylist.

Someone who knows what was done on your hair the last time you had it cut.

Someone who knows that your hair can/can't handle thinning shears or a razor cut.

And what if you get something more involved done with your hair?

Color, Highlights, a Whole New Style!

Then it's especially important that you are working with someone who understands how you communicate your ideas.

Someone who knows something about your lifestyle.

Maybe you come in with a picture of your favorite celebrity style.

I want this, you say. And a stylist who doesn't know you might just go ahead and give you that cut, color, and style.

It looks great!

Until you try to duplicate it at home, in the chaos of getting kids off to school and against the deadline of getting yourself to work. This was no fall out of bed, 5 minute style. It never is with celebrities. Even when it looks casual, there are layers of product and zshuzshing involved.

Why didn't that stylist warn you?!?!

But a stylist you see every 4-8 weeks and with whom you build a relationship is going to know that your mornings are chaos itself; is going to know that you only have time for some mousse, a quick scrunch with the dryer and go. That stylist would have been able to let you know that your hair isn't going to look like the picture without a more substantial investment of time and product than you are going muster up on a regular basis.

That stylist would have warned you.

And worked with you to discover what you liked most about that look and how it could be adapted to suit your lifestyle.

All that personal conversation about your day to day life that just felt like passing time in the salon? It built a relationship that let the stylist in on what you really need to consider in addition to the look of a style. It built a relationship that let your stylist feel comfortable in telling you this look might not work for you and why.

But I've been with a stylist for several years and it's always the same thing every time I go.

I want something new, you say.

Before you take off for parts unknown, make sure you are communicating your desire for something new clearly to your stylist. Communicate your willingness to take a risk with your look.

Have some ideas of what you might want to use as a springboard for your stylist to work from during the consultation. And ask, when you book the appointment, for a little extra time to be left open so there's no need to hurry through that consultation.

The relationship you build with your stylist over time should be opening up honest communication that really pays off when you are looking for a change.

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