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Meet Marci!

My hair journey began when I was a girl, cutting the hair of my favorite doll and waiting for it to grow back so I could give her a whole new look. You can guess how that went! 

My professional journey began some years later when I fell in love with this career and never looked back! There's sooo much to love about my work -the pleasure of meeting so many interesting people, the thrill of helping someone to see themselves as they never have before, and the sense that I'm always learning something new to share with my guests! This is important so you'll to have the tools needed to love the way you look and feel every day, not just the day you step out of my salon!

When I'm not at 1033 Main, I can be found belting out rock and blues karaoke at Hunt's Pub on Friday night or indulging in a Netflix binge while snuggling one of my 3 fur babies! I just love a good documentary or biography and I can't get enough of the cooking and travel shows!

IMG_0712.JPG 3 cats

1033 Main Salon & Boutique Mumford, NY (585) 474-0036

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